Welcome To The Vine Directory

As well as offering fantastic advertising opportunities in The Vine Magazine, we are now offering businesses in Beds, Bucks and Herts the chance to reach more customers online – also helping you rank higher on Google and other search engines – with The Vine Directory.

If you currently advertise in any of our magazines grab your FREE LISTING now! If not we have monthly or annual packages available at great prices. 

Let’s get your business listed

We’ve tried to make listing your business as easy as possible, and it really is simple, but to make sure you create the best listing possible we recommend  you have a few items to hand before you start.

Good images that represent you, your business and what you do the best. We recommend you use at least 3.

Currently, you can add links to your website and Twitter account yourself, but if you would like links to your Facebook, or any other social media page included, have your pages open in another window  ready to copy and paste the complete URL at the top of the “Description” field. We’ll take care of everything else on approval of your listing. 

You can also add Videos from Youtube and Vimeo to your listing. Again, you will need the complete URL for the video so you may want to have it open in another window ready to copy and paste it into place. 

You may wish to spend some time thinking about your business “Description”. We recommend you start with a brief statement about what you do and where you are located, e.g. Indian Restaurant in Dunstable, and include key words on everything that you do and what makes you stand out from the crowd. 300 words would be ideal but 150 will suffice.  This will all help your listing and business rank higher on Google.

For some inspiration check out this ideal LISTING EXAMPLE

The Vine Directory Bedfordshire Business listing Card

Get Listing!

Now that you have everything you need at hand, you’re ready to create your listing.

1: ADD LISTING On  the directory homepage click on the “Add A Listing” button in the top right corner.

2: SELECT PACKAGE Select which package you would like – Free, Monthly or Annual. If you currently advertise in The Vine Magazine select the “Free Listing” option and continue to the listing page.

3: LOGIN / REGISTER Either login to your account or if you don’t have an account you can create one now. Simply enter your email address and your account will be created automatically on submission of your listing – note: your username will automatically be set as the first part of your email address before the @ (e.g directory@thevinemagazine.co.uk username would be directory).


Fill out all the the required and applicable fields on the listing page. We’ve provided some tips beside each field to help you and this is where all of your preparation will pay off!

Tagline: Keep it short and as descriptive as possible e.g. Speciality coffee shop and cafe.

Description: Your business description can be a brief or as in-depth as you like. Around 300 words is ideal for SEO so you may want to include details of all of the products and services you offer, customer testimonials or a brief history of your business.  

Don’t forget to include the FULL URL for any videos and social media pages you want to include links to.

For further help on composing your description, including Google optimisation, see our guidelines above and check out the example listing for some inspiration.

Listing Categories: Click in the box and select from the drop-down menu all categories that are relevant to your business . You can use as many as you like but, as this is how customers will filter what they are looking for, be sure that they apply to you.

Location: Entering your address will allow Google Maps to locate your business and include a map on your listing. It is not required that you include your address but will help customers find businesses near to them. If you don’t want to include your full address you can always just enter the town where you are based.

The Vine Directory Bedfordshire Business listing CardUpload Pictures: You can upload up to 6 images, we recommend using a minimum of 3. They will appear at the top of your listing in the order that you upload them so think about how they will look. The first image you upload will automatically be used as your profile picture and will display on your listing card (alongside all other businesses in your category) so make sure it represents you well and stands out from the crowd.

5: PREVIEW / SUBMIT Once you are happy with your listing, hit the ‘Preview’ button to see how your listing will look. If you need to make changes click the ‘Edit Listing’ button which will take you back to the listing page where you can make any changes. If everything looks good hit the ‘Submit Listing’ button to proceed. If you selected ‘Free Listing’ your listing is complete, now check your emails for further instructions.  

5: PAYMENT (Paid listings only) Once you have submitted your listing you will be directed to our payment page. Review your order details at the top of the page, checking everything is correct, complete your billing information and select how you would like to pay. Once you are happy that your all details are correct, tick to confirm that you agree to our terms and conditions, hit ‘Place Order’ and await your confirmation email with any further instructions. 

Your listing will not be live on the directory until funds have cleared. We accept the following forms of payment:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Cheque
  • Paypal or Credit/Debit Card

6: CHECK YOUR EMAILS Once your order is complete you will receive emails confirming your registration, Confirming your order and confirming your method of payment. Any links and further instructions will be included in these emails.

You will also be notified by email once your listing has been approved. This can take up to 24 hours. If you heard back from us within 24 hours please contact us.

Once your listing has been approved please check your listing on the directory to be sure everything is OK.

7: SPECIAL OFFERS If you would like to attach a special offer to your listing please contact us.

The Vine Directory Bedfordshire Business listing Card8: CLAIM A LISTING You may find that we’ve already listed business for you. To claim ownership so that you can edit the listing yourself, simply click the CLAIM IT NOW button (above the business description), enter your details to create an account and await an email confirming that your claim has been authorised. Once confirmed  your business will display a verification tick and you can make any changes you like. It is now up to you to ensure that your details are always up to date.